Monday, February 18, 2013

Well I was anyway going to satart a blog about my new project, so I thought I might just as well make use of them.
This blog will not be about the project, but more like my own public diary of my research and thought process.
I will do my best to communicate here daily, and as clearly as I can.
I will also warn colaborators tha they might be mentioned.
I am not sure this blog will be interesting for anyone, but I will take it as an exercise.
So this is the beginning..


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  3. Hi Laila,
    I'm a student at the University of Palermo. I've read ''Egyptian Products'' and I'm really interested in your work.
    If you don't mind, Can I ask you some questions?

    - About the Title, why exactly ''Egyptian Products''?
    - Looking at The Hadia's character. What do you think about women's contition in your country?
    - What would you like to express (or teach) through your works?

    Thank you for your patience and your time,
    Hoping for your answer
    Emanuela Capobianco

    1. dear emanuela
      please write me on my email: